Neurofeedback:  The Next Generation of Brain-Based Treatment

Ready To Focus is your home for neurofeedback services!  Neurofeedback is a type of treatment that uses an EEG (electroencephalogram) to provide the participant feedback about his or her brain wave activity, with the goal of making positive changes to that activity via a fun and engaging learning process.  Neurofeedback training teaches the brain how to approach and solve problems in a calm and focused manner. 

These are the type of issues our program addresses (click on each for more information):
ADHD and focus/distraction issues
Anxiety, stress, and over-thinking
Insomnia and sleep issues
Headaches and migraines
Academic issues

Ready To Focus works with children, adolescents, adults, professional athletes, in schools, and in corporate settings. Our two clinical directors have a combined 19 years of experience providing neurofeedback as a specialty treatment.  We are experts in this type of service.

Assessments are offered in Holland MI, Norton Shores MI, Plainfield IL, and Naperville IL

Our office based programs are located in Plainfield IL and Holland MI.  We offer a home based neurofeedback program as well.

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